Why advertise on Find Me An Author?

It's unique (at the time of writing this)

OK, we can't see Stephen King or J K Rowling calling us to advertise, but let's face it: most readers really don't know what authors look like. So your author site (either direct to your home or publishers page) can be advertised next to Mr King, Mr Herbert or Mr Brown and stand just as much chance of a visit as they do!

Why is there a caption?

Including a personal statement - (maximum 50 words) adds to the interest level and mystique. Try to avoid promotional statements as the ethos of the site is that all authors should be equal - a quote about writing inspirations or interests makes it far more engaging for the visitor.

What do you mean by 'Personal Statement'?

The ethos of the site is that all authors are equal regardless of past success.

The personal statement is the drop-down text you can see when you select the image of an author. It should be a maximum of 50 words in length and shouldn't contain promotional statements that will give visitors major clues to your identity.

The fun for the visitor to the site is that they won't really know about you until they 'click to discover more'.

The personal statement can be about your writing inspirations for example, or even something weird and fun that will interest people enough to visit you to find out more.

If in doubt, have a quick look at what other authors have put on this site and see what would interest you to find out more.

How long can I advertise here?

You can advertise author image links here yearly.

How much does it cost?

Photograph links only cost £30.00 per year

What do I do next

It's simple to advertise here. The preferred payment is PAYPAL

Once you have purchased either one year or five, simply contact us including the following:

  • Your name
  • Website or page link
  • Choice of category/genre
  • Personal statement (max 50 words)

We'll be back in touch to arrange a suitable image.

Please note: By advertising on this site, it is accepted that you have read and understood the terms and conditions

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