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Finding an author

With today's Internet it's easy to find an author; that is of course if they want to be found. With this Global Village of ours now, it is vitally important for any author, whether famous or newly published, to promote on the World Wide Web.

Unless the Internet user knows the exact address they want to visit, then usually the first port of call is of course the famous search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. This is a successful strategy should you know the name of the author in question as it's a safe bet that Google will give you what you want.

Genre specific search

Want to find an author of a specific genre? Once again this is very possible using the search engines and the huge amount of dedicated genre websites out there. There are websites for crime fiction, thriller fiction, science fiction, Nonfiction; in fact generally there are sites for whatever genre you possibly conceive.

Using the scenario of a fan of Historical fiction, they've read the complete catalogue of a particular author - say for example Bernard Cornwell. Who else is out there he or she wonders? Well a quick visit to the local library might provide the answer to that by simply looking at the shelf marked Historical Fiction. This might be ideal, but in practice they would have to read the book of this new discovery to see if they shared the same ethos and literary views.

Authors on the Internet

So what advantage do authors on the internet have over having their books on the library shelf? The advantages are not only obvious to the author, but to the reader as well. Article: Good Author Websites

Firstly, let's take a look at the advantages to the writer: Most author sites have discovered that it is an opportunity not only to showcase published works but to interact with potential and existing readers.

Websites give space not always possible in books to let visitors know more detail about the host. There are biographies, detailed interviews, web blogs, question and answer pages, writing tips and explanations of inspirations just to name a few.

So how do author sites this benefit the reader? For fans of the author in question it undoubtedly puts them in direct touch with their favourite; even the most famous writers have a section where they answer questions on a regular basis. Most authors even answer direct emails from fans as this contact or feedback generally proves invaluable.

The major benefits in my opinion are to the new reader trying to find an author of a specific genre. Just looking at the bookshelf in a local library or bookstore wouldn't give you the background you require to choose whether this author seems right for you. Even a brief look at a well designed website would give you a feeling for the writer in question. Delving further into a site, and either by the design used or the good descriptive content, it is possible to feel empathy with what the author is trying to promote.

Most good sites allow you to read an extract of any published works to give a 'taster'. By this time your intuition should be letting you know whether or not to explore further and maybe even treat yourself at your local bookstore, or whether to move on to another site.

How is this site different?

So how is different - and even unique to other genre specific Internet searches? The answer is quite simply that the identity or past history of any author listed on the site is kept hidden. At this point you may be thinking: "why is that then?"

The idea behind this hidden identity is to make the search for an author more fun to do. Most people including myself like to think that we have an inner voice or intuition that we use on a regular basis to navigate through life's up's and down's. On this website the first choice is to select your chosen genre. We are then faced with a selection of images to choose from. By holding the mouse over the image a clue as to the ethos of the writer is given in the form of a personal statement or quote.

The real fun to find an author on this site is to look at all the images on the page concerned for a short while, then listen to your 'inner voice' and follow this direction to the face that you find most interesting. By visiting the website of your chosen author you will soon be able to see if your inner voice was right to trust all along; my guess is that most times you would be wise to trust this intuition.

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